Sushi Salad

I've never made sushi but have always wanted to try to. And then I saw this recipe for sushi salad on Fat Free Vegan Kitchen and thought I can put off the actually sushi for awhile. This was such an easy and creative recipe! 
Sushi Salad
Seasoned rice vinegar gives the rice salad the sushi flavor. I used edamame and carrots (both steamed for about 10 minutes), red peppers, cucumbers, almonds, and sesame seeds like the recipe suggested. Instead of making the prepared mushrooms I substituted zucchini that was prepared the same way. I would have used mushrooms if it weren't for the fact that my husband doesn't like them. Boo! Regardless, this was very easy to make and pretty much fool proof. And it tasted pretty darn good.

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  1. I've rolled sushi at home but it's really only worth it for guests. For myself I usually make salads like this. I really like avocado and seasoned seaweed on top as well.