Vegan Spinach and Walnut Risotto

I've always made risotto out of a box. You know, the kind where you mix a powdered flavor packet in with the rice. I would try to fancy it up by using vegetable stock and adding vegetables or nuts at the end. It was good. But I wanted to see if it really was that difficult to make risotto from scratch. And it turns out it's not that hard. A lot of risotto recipes call for cheese or butter or both but I wanted a healthier recipe. I found a vegan recipe on The Post Punk Kitchen and decided that was the one. It's a pretty basic recipe that lends itself to infinite variations. 

I knew that once I started stirring the cooking risotto I wouldn't be able to stop. Therefore, before I started I toasted about 1/3 cups of crushed walnuts and defrosted about half of a bag of frozen spinach. I would say that it is definitely wise to prepare any additions before you start. 
The actual process of making the risotto was pretty simple. Basically, stir stir stir! The recipe said that the whole process of adding stock should take about 15 minutes but it took closer to 25 minutes for me. I mixed in the spinach before I started adding the last cup of broth. As for the walnuts, I mixed them in at the very end with the olive oil. The result was a pretty nice and tasty risotto if i do say so myself. I will be making it again!

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